Tuesday Tip! Join us Tuesday for #Blogchat Europe


The week has only just begun but I am already looking ahead…so, this this week’s Tuesday tip is: join me and @Smallrivers for #blogchat Europe on Tuesday, October 8!

Whether your company has 2 or 2000 employees, blogging ranks as one of the most widely trusted and sure-fire way to build authority, grow relationships and generate new business leads. But how? Well, that’s what #blogchat is all about!

Mack Collier‘s #blogchat is a Twitter power-house Tweetchat dedicated to helping YOU get the most out of blogging.

Whether you are a small business owner or a marketer working for a large mega-company, Mack and the #blogchat community provide great insight and help answer your blogging questions.

Because the North American version of #Blogchat is tough for us Europeans to make (it takes place at 3am, CET) Mack offers a European friendly version at 20h, every second Tuesday of the month.

Don’t miss out! Pencil in the last three European #blogchats of 2013 into your calendar now:

Tuesday, October 8 – Blog Plug-ins that increase business networking and productivity
Tuesday, November 12 – tba (aka: something really cool)
Tuesday, December 10 - tba (aka: something really cool)

20h CET, 1pm Central.

Just because this chat is called ‘#Blogchat Europe’ it doesn’t mean it is for Europeans only. This just means it is held at a time that the European, North American, South American, African and Middle Eastern continents can manage. How cool is that? (Sorry Australasia, we’ll have to work on that)

You’ll find me there @kdhungford and don’t worry about language barriers or making mistakes. We learn a lot and even more important — we have fun! (And, we score cameo’s in blog posts like this one from Tom Martin on Social Media Examiner!)